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LEASH REACTIVITY 600 400 Four Paws K9 Training


There’s nothing more disheartening than when your dog reacts aggressively towards other dogs when out on walks. I should know, I’ve experienced it with one of my dogs and therefore I feel your pain. I know too well how we have to have eyes at the back of your head, as well as missile like homing abilities to be able to spot an oncoming dog more than a kilometre away. Always kept me on my toes! But why does reactivity…

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JUMPING THROUGH HOOPS 240 275 Four Paws K9 Training


“I dont want/need my dog jumping hoops!” This is what some people tell me when they make enquiries about obedience training their dog/s. Somehow some think that obedience training involves teaching tricks like jumping through hoops or other such fancy tricks. Well we’re here to tell you that obedience training has absolutely nothing to do with jumping hoops, rather it’s about teaching your dog the following: *Manners and self control in all kinds of situations *Compliance of commands like coming…

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Whether it was an impulse buy or whether you planned on obtaining siblings from the same litter, there is more than just the double trouble of 2 young puppies to be aware of. 1. The first 16 weeks is not just a critical time in the pup’s development period for socialisation, it’s also when imprinting occurs. This means that there is a very strong chance of imprinting/bonding to each other merely due to the fact that they will spend a…

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MANAGING A MULTI DOG HOUSEHOLD 1024 683 Four Paws K9 Training


Forget the old “Pat the dominant dog first” or “feed the dominant dog first” rubbish. This creates more problems than solving them! Treat ALL dogs in your home as equals, meaning all dogs must abide by your household rules as well as practice manners and self control. Therefore YOU pat/feed whichever dog YOU want to first!! Dogs will almost always fight over resources. Those resources can include (but are not limited to): • YOU, any form of attention from YOU…

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ENVIRONMENTAL ENRICHMENT 650 450 Four Paws K9 Training


TIPS ON PROVIDING ENVIRONMENTAL STIMULATION FOR YOUR DOG…by Tammie Willersdorf Written by our valued team member, Tammie, here are some great tips on how to provide mental stimulation, environmental enrichment and boredom busters for your dog!! Mental Stimulation Get them working for their food – Banish the bowl! 
Enrichment feeding options: • Kibble in cereal boxes, egg cartons, tissue boxes etc • Feed from various treat dispensing toys (e.g. Kongs, Kong wobblers, busy buddy toys, Aussie Dog toys etc) •…

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DOES MY DOG NEED TRAINING??? 550 446 Four Paws K9 Training


Trainers hear the following statement all the time. “My dog doesn’t need training because (insert reason here)”! This is like saying “My child doesn’t need to go to school because (insert reason here)” ALL dogs need training, exposure and socialisation regardless of breed, size, temperament, whatever! A little training can go a long way in creating a safe member of your household and society. Training is not about teaching a dog to jump through hoops or to roll over, these are just nice party tricks.…

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Client Satisfaction Survey 150 150 Four Paws K9 Training

Client Satisfaction Survey

TAKE THE QUICK 10 QUESTION SURVEY….. If you are a current or past client with us, please take a couple of minutes to answer a short 10 question Client Satisfaction Survey. The information you provide will greatly assist us better improve our services to you and to our future clients. Click the link below to start the survey.  It will open up another window in your browser. We thank you in advance!  

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Puppy School Instructor’s Course 150 150 Four Paws K9 Training

Puppy School Instructor’s Course

ATTENTION ALL PUPPY SCHOOL INSTRUCTORS!! Teaching puppy classes requires specific expertise, which as, a minimum, should include an in-depth knowledge of dogs, dog behaviour and learning theory. Most importantly, it requires a thorough understanding of puppies and their development process. There are many organisations offering puppy classes in different formats. With this comes a number of variances that separates the many puppy schools available, both good and bad. Here are some of them: 1. The knowledge and experience of the…

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Training Gift Vouchers 270 270 Four Paws K9 Training

Training Gift Vouchers

Training Gift Vouchers make a great gift for anyone who’s just obtained a puppy or whose older dog needs some obedience training. Options are: 5 weeks worth of classes: $150 (all locations) 3 months membership (Keilor Downs location only) $250 Gift certificates will be mailed to the purchaser along with an introduction letter to give to the recipient in time for Christmas if you order no later than Friday 10th December 2017. Contact us now to make enquiries about our Training Gift…

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Kato 250 220 Four Paws K9 Training


Loving and caring for your dog can be a minefield of misinformation as I was to find out when I enrolled in the inaugural Growly Growlers program recently. I’d been battling through the park and local streets with my very reactive 4 year old German Shepherd losing confidence more and more each week for about 8 weeks prior to the program start. He’d been raised on a remote farm and whilst living a life of romping free he didn’t get…

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