Sheltie needs trainingTrainers hear the following statement all the time. “My dog doesn’t need training because (insert reason here)”! This is like saying “My child doesn’t need to go to school because (insert reason here)”

ALL dogs need training, exposure and socialisation regardless of breed, size, temperament, whatever! A little training can go a long way in creating a safe member of your household and society.

Training is not about teaching a dog to jump through hoops or to roll over, these are just nice party tricks. Training is having a dog listen and comply around distractions like other dogs, people, noises and sounds. Training creates a calm and well behaved dog around most or all situations.

Training means knowing your dog will come to you when you call…or that you can leave him in the car for 5 mins as you go into the store.

Most of all, training creates a great relationship between you and your dog…an understanding and a mutual respect. So think about what you want from a dog, YOUR dog!

Remember this message from us…Good dogs don’t just happen, they are created through training!