For those of you who wish to further train your dogs to a more superior level, Four Paws K9 Training offers an Advanced obedience level of training.

Designed for those who want greater control and compliance from their dog both on lead and off. Dogs of all breeds and ages can reach the higher levels of training and all it takes is persistence and determination on your part.

And why wouldn’t you want your dog to progress to the higher levels?

Advanced Class Level

This level is for those owners who want optimum performance from their dogs both on lead and off. Dogs are proofed with maximum distractions and owners can expect to work their dogs at varying distances.

Your dog is able to train in our Advanced level once it has completed and passed our Basic level of training or if your dog has gained a similar standard of competency at another dog training school.  If your dog has come from another dog training school, please note that we will need to assess your dog to ensure he/she has the correct level of competency to join in our Advance class.

NB: Unfortunately completing a 4 or 5 week basic or puppy preschool course is not considered to be any particular standard of competency.  Your dog would need to enrol and train in our Basic obedience level first as per above.

A well-behaved and totally controllable dog is a joy to have, especially around the family and in public. Your dog will also benefit greatly as trained dogs generally tend to be happier dogs. The sky’s the limit with what you can achieve through obedience training!

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Advanced Class Attainable Standards:

  • Sit/Stay (until released, move away – various distances off lead)
  • Drop/Stay (until released, move away – various distances off lead)
  • Stand/Stay (handler moves around – various distances off lead)
  • Recall (to handler, sit and finish at heel position – off lead)
  • Heeling (left and right turns, left and right about turns – off lead)
  • Handler Focus exercises
  • Leave it
  • Hand signals

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