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Never too old to teach new tricks!

You have an older dog that could probably do with some obedience training, manners and better social skills? Well there’s no time like the present to start a formal training program with your dog.

Our Basic Obedience training is designed for those who want to achieve much more with their dogs than just a simple sit and drop.

The program is designed to provide your dog with an excellent working knowledge of basic obedience skill which includes socialisation and problem solving sessions as part of the curriculum.

Classes are run each Saturday morning at our Keilor Downs venue at 11am for 1 hour.

Our fee structure  is very simple…we have a 3 month membership with no joining fees or weekly fees ! Just a single fee to cover you for a 3 month term.

Discounts available on membership renewals and if enrolling more than 1 dog.

Benefits of Memberships

  1. Victorian Govt Recognised standard of training under Reg 52 of the DAA 2015.
  2. You train and progress at your dogs own pace….no stressing or rushing to meet a set block of weeks.
  3. If you miss a week of training?!! No problem! You simply return the following week and continue where you left off! No need for ‘catch up’ sessions.
  4. Excellent for shift-workers who are on rotating shifts!
  5. If for some reason you are going to be away for an extended length of time, you can defer your membership. (Conditions apply)

Basic attainable standard

  • Sit/stay (until released)
  • Drop/stay (until released)
  • Recalls (come when called) with distractions
  • Loose lead walking (no pulling on the lead)
  • Focus (gaining your dog’s attention)
  • Leave it (and effective command that teaches your dog to leave things alone)
  • Socialisation skills
  • Problem Solving sessions

The other important things you need to know about Basic Obedience

  • In order to obtain the Vic Govt Dog Training Certificate, your dog must undergo and pass the Basic level assessment.  Please be aware that this can take some time to achieve (give yourself 6 + months)!  Once this occurs, you will receive a Certificate of Training issued by the DEPI which may enable you to obtain various discounts on your pet’s Council Registration.
  • Your dog must be up to date with all vaccinations and boosters in order to attend
  • Please contact us for pricing details
  • The program allows you to attend as many Saturday sessions as you can during your membership period. The more you can attend…the better the result!
    This is not a 5 week type course…it offers much more in-depth training, learning and problem solving assistance for both yourself and your dog. This is the ‘real deal’ when it comes to training your adult dog.

Our instructors will always be willing and able to assist you with many other aspects of dog training as well.

Interested in enrolling your dog with us for Basic Obedience??

You will need to attend an Information Session. Please go to the Contact Us page for more details or complete the Contact Form.

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