Can’t get to classes?
Trainer can’t get to you?
Then consider going on-line!!

Our on-line course course is ideal for dogs of ALL AGES.

There are 5 modules (each for the different levels of training) presented by way of video tutorials and accompanying homework handouts for each level.

Obedience levels


  • Foundation module
  • Basic level 1 (teaching phase)
  • Basic level 2 (teaching phase continued)
  • Basic level 3 ( teaching and intro to proofing)
  • Basic level 4 (Intermediate and proofing phase)

Exercises Covered

  • Sit (with duration, distance and distractions)
  • Drop (with duration, distance and distractions)
  • Recalls (to include formal finishes – sit finish and finish to heel)
  • Loose lead walking (to include heeling and back-end awareness in B3 and B4 lessons)

There are also some supplementary videos which you should watch and work on in addition to the tutorial videos.

Supplementary videos

  • Engagement and bond building
  • Power of tug (Motivational Play)
  • Crate and Place training
  • Grooming guide
  • Obstacle course

Cost: $100 (AUD)

The curriculum is based on the similar curriculum as that of our obedience classes (Puppy and Adult) at our Keilor Downs location and is designed to provide your dog with an excellent working knowledge of basic obedience skills.

Please see the FAQ below before taking the course!!

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Before enrolling into the online course, please see if it’s right for you and your dog!

Is there a test or assessment at the end of the course.
Whilst there is no formal assessment for the course we encourage you to send us through any of your progress and achievement videos at any time, especially if you are experiencing some issues. Videos are best sent via or via WhatsApp.

Is there a start date for the course?
No, you take the course at your leisure and in your own time.  No need to be available at a certain day or time. You’re free to log in and out as you need to ft in with your lifestyle.

How long do I have to take the course?
Please note that you have 120 days (from date of enrolment) with which to complete the course. After that you will no longer have access to the course. Please ensure you don’t waste your money and ensure you are committed to taking the course prior to enrolling.

Is this course for dogs of all ages?
Yes the course is a basic obedience course and is designed for dogs of all ages. Of course some older dogs may take a little longer to pick things up but this is very normal. Your patience will go a long way!

Does this course cover things like house training, jumping up, mouthing, aggression etc?
No this course does not cover behavioural issues such as housetraining, jumping up, mouthing, aggression etc.  This course only teaches basic obedience skills.  If you are experiencing any of these please contact us for the various other service options to assist.

Can I contact you for assistance if I need to?
Yes you can contact Four Paws K9 Training anytime via our Contact Us form or phone call if you require any support or assistance with any aspect of the online course.  We are here to assist you and to ensure you achieve success with your dogs.

Can I get a refund or transfer to another service if I need to?
Please note that course fees are non-refundable and are not transferable to our group classes or for any other service. Please do consider this carefully prior to enrolling.

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