Don’t like crowds? Then why not have private obedience lessons, or, if you’ve got a problem dog, then perhaps our in-home or an on-line (via Zoom) consultations will better suit.

Here’s some more info on both:

On-Line Consultations (via Zoom)

Our on-line consultations are carried out by Certified Canine Behaviour Specialists and are ideal if you need some assistance with a young puppy or dog that is showing problem behaviour/s at home but cannot get out to see a trainer or the trainer is not able to come to you.

These range from a single 1 hour session, to multiple sessions depending on the severity of the problem.

Due to the current Coronavirus lockdown restrictions, an on-line consultation is ideal and can assist you in addressing any of the following:

* New puppy help (mouthing, housetraining, jumping up etc)
* General obedience (sit, drop, coming when called etc)
* Separation anxiety issues (prevention/managing)
* Some aggression issues

Contact us to today to discuss and book.

In-Home Consultations – We Come to You

Our in-home consultations are carried out by Certified Canine Behaviour Specialists and are ideal if you have a dog that is showing problem behaviour/s at home.

These range from single, hour long visits, to multiple visits depending on the severity of the problem. The sessions will address the problem/s with a tailor made program and will include information on leadership, nutrition and some basic obedience skills.

Unlike others, we will not try to sell you “x” amount of lessons that you may not need. One session is usually all that is required, however, if your dog’s problem is severe, then we may suggest a few extra sessions and the decision is up to you– it’s your call!

Our In-home consults will suit you if your dog:

  • Has a barking problem
  • Shows aggressive tendencies towards you and/or family members etc.
  • Does not listen to you
  • Suffers Separation Anxiety
  • Is bossy (dominant)
  • Is out of control
  • Needs general assistance with walking on the lead or various other obedience commands.
  • We can also assist with newly acquired puppies, providing assistance and advice on:
  • Housetraining
  • Mouthing/chewing
  • Feeding/nutrition
  • Barking
  • Puppies and children

Please note that we highly recommend group puppy training for pups under 6 months of age for the purpose of socialisation!

Private Obedience Training – You Come to Us

These sessions allow you to get one-on-one attention with a trainer – or if you simply don’t like crowds!

Private Obedience Training is held at Diggers Rest and can be organised at a time that suits you. Away from the crowds and other dogs, the training can concentrate on one or more obedience skills for your dog.

You can choose to have a single session or a set of multiple sessions depending on the skills you wish to develop and work on.

Conditions for booking behavioural consultations or private training sessions:

  • A $50 non refundable deposit is required at time of booking.  This can be done by either credit card or direct deposit.
  • Depost not transferrable to any other service

For more information or to book your dog in, please visit Contact Us page for more details or complete the Contact Form, so that we can get back to you.

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