DSC_3731“I dont want/need my dog jumping hoops!”

This is what some people tell me when they make enquiries about obedience training their dog/s.

Somehow some think that obedience training involves teaching tricks like jumping through hoops or other such fancy tricks.

Well we’re here to tell you that obedience training has absolutely nothing to do with jumping hoops, rather it’s about teaching your dog the following:
*Manners and self control in all kinds of situations
*Compliance of commands like coming when called, sit, drop etc… not just at home, but around all types of distractions
*Socialisation and exposure to the world outside their homes

But the single most imporant element of all is that obedience training teaches the owner how to teach their dog!!
But here’s the catch, in order to have a dog that complies everywhere, then the owner needs to practice everywhere and not just when at the training ground!

Use sit and drop to teach some manners before:
Coming inside or going outside
Being fed
Receiving a pat
Being allowed up on the couch/bed

Use recall to:
Call you dog over to you when in the house or back yard
Practice out in the street or at the local park (on lead we suggest)

Use loose lead walking techniques:
Anytime you are walking your dog…NOT just at training!

Obedience training assists in creating a dog that is a well mannered and safe member of society!

And hey if you also teach your dog to jump through a hoop then this is a bonus fun party trick!

Happy Training!