In August 2001, I bought myself a lovable, adorable black male Labrador.

By January 2003, I had not only a lovable, adorable black male Labrador, but also a very strong-willed and determined one! While not impossible to train, it was obvious he certainly needed a lot more experience than I had.

I saw the Four Paws K9 Training advertisement in the local paper. After ringing and talking at length with Trish, I thought it was worth investigating further.

That week, I went to the information session, and, well….nine months later we’re still there!

I have found Four Paws K9 Training to be more than helpful with Chalon’s training and cannot speak highly enough of the trainers.

All the trainers are friendly and knowledgeable and more than willing to share their knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced dog owner or a first timer – information is imparted in simple, layman’s terms, so it is easy to understand and follow instructions.

The trainers are happy to answer your questions, to provide you with the help, skills and knowledge to enable you to trouble-shoot any (doggy) behaviours about which you may have concerns.

All trainers are patient with both dogs and handlers. And while it is about dog training, it’s also about handler training, providing you, the handler, with the skills to continue training at home.

Both Chalon and I love our training at Four Paws. We’re at Intermediate level now and I intend to take Chalon to the Advanced level. As I’ve told Trish and Stuart: ‘We’re not going anywhere – you’re stuck with us!!’

Deb & Chalon
September 03