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Was great to have Trish come out and help me learn what Max needs :) He is already a different dog, we were all home today to take Riley to an appointment and he has been calmly sitting on his mat with a bone, not jumping as much, and not biting at all! Riley is even playing […]


We adopted Hugo in 2015 as a 6 month old pup who hadn’t had a great start to life. He was incredibly nervous around other dogs, often shaking and barking defensively, and shy of people. This behaviour, alongside his working dog breeding meant we wanted to get a good foundation of obedience, as well as […]


Loving and caring for your dog can be a minefield of misinformation as I was to find out when I enrolled in the inaugural Growly Growlers program recently. I’d been battling through the park and local streets with my very reactive 4 year old German Shepherd losing confidence more and more each week for about […]


I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude to Trish, Stuart, Sean and the whole Four Paws K9 Training team for their sustained personal interest and professional advice on helping to rehabilitate my highly reactive, dog-aggressive and extremely beloved Ridgeback x Bull Mastiff, Dash. There was no quick fix; we have been training now for […]


I just want to say that I am very pleased we started training our little dog Chloe through Four Paws. Chloe from a pup had no idea how to socialise with other dogs. When we first saw her she just sat in the corner while her brothers and sisters would play, and from then on […]


With two reactive dogs, Four Paws has been a wonderful controlled environment into which I’ve been able to bring them for assimilation with other dogs. The supervision and support provided by the trainers has been essential during a long period of conditioning required for Lucas and Amy to be able to participate in normal obedience […]


I remember the day I made the phone call to Four Paws Training as I was being pulled down the street by our over-excited 10 month old blue heeler cross named Neddy who we got from the lost dogs home. I was told to come down for their Saturday morning training to have a chat […]


Dougal is a Belgian Shepherd x Border Collie. He came to us when he was 18 months old through the Victorian Dog Rescue Program. He was well behaved and very affectionate and we fell in love with him very quickly. From the first day we never had a minute’s trouble with him, even when we […]


Neo had a very difficult first 8 months of his life. He was rescued by a breeder who was very concerned about Neo’s health and nurtured him back to health, despite being told by the vet that the only option was to have Neo put to sleep. I took Neo home when he was 13 […]