I just want to say that I am very pleased we started training our little dog Chloe through Four Paws.
Chloe from a pup had no idea how to socialise with other dogs. When we first saw her she just sat in the corner while her brothers and sisters would play, and from then on the problem got worse to the point where she thought she was boss and turned on us.

10 months have passed since we joined and the improvement is unbelievable. When we first started she had to stand away from the group of dogs because they would set her off but now she is quite comfortable to sit in the group and next to dogs that she feels okay with. She will even go up and sniff a dog on her own now when she feels right to do so. We still have a while to go but in time I’m hoping she wont need the yellow bandanna any more.

Meegan and Chloe.