I remember the day I made the phone call to Four Paws Training as I was being pulled down the street by our over-excited 10 month old blue heeler cross named Neddy who we got from the lost dogs home. I was told to come down for their Saturday morning training to have a chat and a look at what goes on. No problems I said but I think I will leave Neddy at home as I think his over excitement might be a bit too much, I was encouraged to bring him along as there was always a qualified staff member willing to lend a helping hand.

They thought Neddy was a lovely boy even though he pulled me along on his lead and barked through the introduction. Over the next few months we learnt so much and he even stopped chewing anything he could get his teeth into and our daily walk became a joy. Saturday mornings became Ned’s fun morning out and it wasn’t long before he knew the car route to dog school off by heart. We did have our moments especially about the six month mark when he refused to do anything we asked of him however with the support from the Four Paws crew we soon learnt that he was testing us and we were encouraged to keep going and they were right! Before long we were being graded for the intermediate class and then for the advanced level which was the level we had looked at with awe, thinking we would never get there and now we were there.

We are always getting comments from people about what a fantastic dog Ned is, how clever he is and how well behaved he is. What I have learned from my four years at Four Paws was that all our dogs are fantastic, clever and behave well, we as humans just need to be shown how to guide our friends in the right direction to achieve.

So if you are thinking about checking out what four paws is all about get down there! – Trust me you will love it and your best friend will love it even more.


Mick, Michaela and Neddy