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‘Growly Grovers’ Program

Is your dog growly (aggressive) towards other dogs? Then help is at hand!

We know how frustrating and disheartening it is just taking your dog out for a walk or any place where there are other dogs around. Your dog’s thrashing at the end of the leash, growling, snarling and snapping at the air towards other dogs isn’t a pleasant experience for anyone involved. Or your dog might be, what we refer to as, the “silent assassin”… these dogs don’t emit any warning signs, they just lunge and bite unexpectedly.

Whatever your dog’s reaction or the reason for it, it’s important that you the owner, learn how to properly handle/manage your dog when out in public and most importantly, understand all the principles required to help rehabilitate your dog.

Our ‘Growly Grovers’ program is an intensive 4 session program designed to assist you and your reactive dog.

Important Note: There is NO such thing as a “quick fix” when it comes to reactivity issues… and if a “quick fix” seems to work, it is almost always temporary, with the behaviour returning at some stage…and, in many cases, worse than before.

Depending on the severity of your dog’s reactivity, it can take a number of months before your dog is confidently walking past other dogs, without looking as though he/she is thinking of lunging/attacking.

Here’s how the Growly Grovers program works

The 4 sessions:

  • Session 1 comprises:   theory component only, no dogs required for this
  • Session 2 comprises:   assessment of your dog and commencement of the practical exercises.
  • Session 3 comprises:   continued practice of the specific exercises
  • Session 4 comprises:  revision, continue working on practical exercises, commence working with and round other dogs (this will depend greatly on how dogs are progressing), discuss ‘where to from here’ and conclusion.

What is covered:

  • Why does your dog react around other dogs?
  • Recognising body language and signals from your dog
  • Correct and safe handling
  • Specific exercises to assist in the management / rehabilitation of your dog
  • What to do in emergency situations
  • Tracking your dog’s progress
  • The Desensitisation process
  • Real life

You will receive guidance, assistance and support from our Govt approved, Four Paws K9 Training dog trainers for the duration of the course.

The course will also make the transition into group based obedience classes much easier for your dog.

2019 Growly Grover Course Dates (TBC)

Session 1 (theory only):
Date: 2019
(Keilor Downs location)

Session 2:
Date: 2019
(Keilor Downs location)

Session 3:
Date: 2019
(Keilor Downs location)

Session 4:
Date: 2019
(Keilor Downs location)

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To be placed on our database for the future courses, please send contact us using link below.  Groups are very small…max 4 dogs!

Here are some comments from some of our Growly Grover’s participants:

A brilliant tool not just for dogs but for life.  I was able to relax more with my dog rather than panic and know that Kato will be okay.

This course has given me so much hope to continue for walking and further training with my dog.

Fantastic course…all should do!

So what are you waiting for?  If you’re interested in making the change, either Contact Us for more details or complete the Contact Form and we will call you. You owe it to your dog!

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Current available Information Session dates:

  • Saturday 9th February 2019
  • Saturday 16th February 2019

Don’t panic if you cannot make any of these sessions, we run Information Sessions every Saturday morning after these dates….however bookings are essential.

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