We adopted Hugo in 2015 as a 6 month old pup who hadn’t had a great start to life. He was incredibly nervous around other dogs, often shaking and barking defensively, and shy of people. This behaviour, alongside his working dog breeding meant we wanted to get a good foundation of obedience, as well as confidence in himself and us as companions and leaders.
I now can say that this is exactly what our lessons with Four Paws K9 training has given us. Starting as a terrified “bandana dog” who barked the entire first class, Hugo has graduated to Intermediate level and proven he no longer needs the bandana. He is a happy, confident and obedient dog who is able to take part in every activity we present him with – be it sitting with us calmly at a cafe, off-leash bush walks or simply a trip to the dog park.
We are incredibly grateful to the Four Paws team for their guidance and support.
Tess & Chris

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