Was great to have Trish come out and help me learn what Max needs :) He is already a different dog, we were all home today to take Riley to an appointment and he has been calmly sitting on his mat with a bone, not jumping as much, and not biting at all! Riley is even playing with toys in the loungeroom and Max is sitting by watching!

We still have a lot of work to do with him, but so far I am happy with everything you taught us and how he is responding.

Thanks so much again for your help, you certainly know how dogs respond!


A one week on update for Max… he is a totally different dog, we have had minimal biting issues, and the ones we have had are more just mouthing at riley to play! Barking at me is almost non-existent, he is happier, calmer and much more willing to be outside alone. We have had visitors the past 2 days, and honestly I am amazed at how well behaved he was, calmly said hello to people then went off and slept on  his mat while they were here.
Still some work to do with the invisible barriers, but overall we are so happy with his progress and how he has responded to having boundaries and different things to occupy him while we are away from the house.
Thanks again,

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