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COMING OF AGE…when did your sweet puppy turn into the teenager from hell?

Why is it that we see a large number of adolescent (teenage) dogs surrendered to shelters and pounds? The reason might be that when some dogs hit teenage-hood, they can become difficult to handle, destructive and even challenge their owners in some cases. We can liken them to 15 or 16 year old human teenagers […]

MOTIVATIONAL TRAINING… Why playing tug is a great form of reward for your dog!

MOTIVATIONAL TRAINING… Working breed dogs such as Kelpies, Border Collies, Heelers, Terriers and any mixed breed with working lines – these dogs are almost always busy minded dogs and may exhibit an exhausting amount of energy and hyperactivity. And it doesn’t just end there….Boxers, Staffies, Labradors, Shepherds etc, the list goes on. Teaching some obedience […]


Education Starts with Exercise We were thrilled to be featured in a recent article by Bupa Pet Insurance on the best ways to train your dog whether they are a new puppy or perhaps a rescued dog with undesirable behaviours. Read some great tips from some of Australia’s leading dog trainers in the article entitled, ‘Dog Training […]


Was great to have Trish come out and help me learn what Max needs :) He is already a different dog, we were all home today to take Riley to an appointment and he has been calmly sitting on his mat with a bone, not jumping as much, and not biting at all! Riley is even playing […]


“Our previous dog was never like that” or “Our previous dog was perfect, not like this one”….Why you should never compare between your dogs!!! We don’t (or shouldn’t) compare our children between each other because we understand that each child is uniquely different even though they were born to same parents.  We usually understand that each child […]


We adopted Hugo in 2015 as a 6 month old pup who hadn’t had a great start to life. He was incredibly nervous around other dogs, often shaking and barking defensively, and shy of people. This behaviour, alongside his working dog breeding meant we wanted to get a good foundation of obedience, as well as […]


Here are some of our Tips Sheets for you to download which will provide you with some general information on the more common problem behaviours: The importance of Puppy Socialisation Information on the “Nothing In Life Is Free” Program Mouthing in puppies House training a puppy Tips for curing excessive barking How to stop your […]


“I dont want/need my dog jumping hoops!” This is what some people tell me when they make enquiries about obedience training their dog/s. Somehow some think that obedience training involves teaching tricks like jumping through hoops or other such fancy tricks. Well we’re here to tell you that obedience training has absolutely nothing to do […]